Checklists + Collaboration

Create a list, add tasks, share with your team. Monitor the progress as your team makes its way thru each iteration of your checklist.

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Quick Start

Taskguide Preview Product 1

Sharable / Repeatable

Create smart checklists to share with your team for those repetitive tasks.

Every team has processes that must be followed in order to ensure smooth operation.

Gain visiblity into those processes, get immediate status, and review history to spot issues.

Create teams and add team members that can work on lists simultaniously.

Plug and Play

Plug your checklists into your existing processes.

Add webhooks to invididual tasks to coordinate tasks.

Optionally allow webhooks to be repeatable and rollback.

Gain full history of which webhooks succeeded or failed.

Taskguide Preview Product 2

Simple Pricing

Individual Account


Includes common features

  • 10 Checklists

  • 90 Day History

Team Account


14 Day Free Trial

  • Unlimited Checklists

  • Integrate Webhooks for Orchestrations

  • Unlimited History

  • Collaborate With Team Members
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